CB71 Holster1

Double Oil Holster

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You are buying one new in box double oil or lotion holster with zipper pocket without bottle.

With DevLon NorthWest’s double adjustable massage oil and lotion holster; you will be close to the action with all your oil and lotion supplies and small tools strapped to your waist or hung across your shoulder. Double the action means double the fun! Does not come with empty bottle. What we love is this comes with a zipper pocket; great place to keep your items. The zipper pocket could possibly fit your phone, a handful of hair clips, or other essential tools for your practice. This product is a necessity for all therapists, stylists, and artists who need lotion, oil, or paint within arm’s reach at all times.

About this product

*The adjustable strap will reach up to 50" around the waist to clip safely
*Fits two 8 oz lotions
*One zipper pocket
*Double the action means double the fun

CB71 Holster1

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