2000W Ceramic Hair Dryer Blower

New product


You are buying one new in box 2000W ceramic hair dryer blower!


Our 2000W ceramic hair dryer blower is all the power you need to make your magic happen with your clients. With two separate concentrate attachments you’ll be able to zero in on areas you need to work on. Our dryer comes with 2 speed settings along with 2 heat settings.


Being infused with ceramic allows maximum heat transfer!




110V USA Spec Only

Model: 2000W Hair Dryer


We are becoming the #1 seller of massage, salon, nail & spa products here in Portland, Oregon and the North West! How is that possible? We deliver the best quality at the most competitive prices available. Plus we are bringing back 60’s customer service. 60’s customer service means we pick up the phone when you call!


1-year warranty against manufactures defects!


Retails for $119.00 on other websites before shipping!



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