Accredited Chiropractic School

Accredited Chiropractic School

So one of the best chiropractic colleges here in Portland, Oregon is UNIVERSITY WESTERN STATES.  We have been growing our CLUB chiropractic tables for the last 5 years but I can honestly say chiropractors are a different breed.  To summarize them into one statement, I would say they just want to help heal.  We were involved in a PORTABLE TABLE GIVE AWAY at University Western States, the proceeds went to a group of chiropractors going to a 3rd world country to perform their services free of charge.  Amazing!

One chiropractor I want to specially mention is Dr. Travis M.  We met Travis when he was in his final year of school.  His story was amazing so I invited him to our company to tell his story.  Long story short, he decided to enter one of the best chiropractic schools and pursue this as a career because his mother suffered from unbearable pain while he was a child.  Nothing would work!  Eventually, his mother decided to see a chiropractor who was eventually able to heal her of her pains.  Amazing story.  As a small company, we decided to offer him a small scholarship to help him transition to his work life.  It wasn’t much but we wanted to show we appreciate his journey.  That’s Travis in the photo.

Travis is currently working at Equilibrium Chiropractic in New Mexico.  Make sure to support him at his location if you are in New Mexico.  EQUILIBRIUM CHIROPRACTIC  I honestly respect the chiropractic education these men and women have to go through.  I was still shocked when I found out the tuition one pays for chiropractic school.  I guess this is the price to pay to go through an accredited chiropractic school and program.  I hope to eventually get a list of chiropractic medicine schools in the entire region and try to find a way to continue giving back as long as we are in business.   

Vu N.

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