Massage Oil, Massage Lotion & Essential Oil

Massage Oil, Massage Lotion & Essential Oil

Our philosophy here is to build our own DevLon NorthWest brand.  Even though Coca Cola is 124 years old, they still spend up to 3 billion dollars a year in advertising! We are only 5 years old and definitely do not have the advertising budget to spend like Coca Cola but we do the best we can.   

This leads me to SACREDEARTH BOTANICALS. There came a time where I needed to make a decision on massage lotions & massage oils.  Building our own brand or partnering with someone in the industry! We decided to partner with SACREDEARTH BOTANICALS.  I will get into the reasons why we decided not to try to build our own massage lotion & oils brand in a future post.

There are a lot of reasons to like SacredEarth but the #1 reason was because they were an Oregon based company. They promote cruelty free products which are not tested on animals.  Their products are unscented and do not contain synthetic fragrances or colors. They are hypo-allergenic and they do not use nut oils.  They are certified vegan along with being organic.  Finally, we like working with Kyle at SacredEarth.

We are going to do our best to sell Sacred Earth products locally and nationally.  Please look at our large MASSAGE LOTION & OILS selection.

Vu N.

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