Steps To Sell A Manicure Table Post #2 Photoshop

Steps To Sell A Manicure Table Post #2 Photoshop

Once we have received our manicure table in from our manufacture, we assemble it and Photoshop it right away.  Because a lot of our customers are not located here in Portland, Oregon, we need to be able to clearly show this table to customers.

We make sure to at least take 8+ photos, which allows us to post on multiple ecommerce platforms.  We put our logo on all our photos and finally make sure to include all necessary detailed photos so we can clearly show what the customer is purchasing. Good lighting and white backgrounds are a must have if you would like to take excellent photos. Finally I recommend purchasing ADOBE PHOTOSHOP to get the job done!

Take a look at the MANICURE TABLE to see what we have done.

Vu N.

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