Massage Tables For Sale

Massage Tables For Sale

I personally believe there is a huge scam going on when it comes to buying the best massage table.  Big box massage table companies have build up their brands and deservingly have charged what I believe are ridiculous prices on their massage tables.  Selling at a high price and finding someone to buy at high prices is great if you can get away with it.  I’m here to say that I’m spilling the beans on what my 6+ years of experience selling massage tables has thought me.


I currently have all of my massage tables being produced by the #1 manufacturer of massage tables in the world.  My buying power allows me to fill a 45HQ container and have it shipped from China directly to my headquarters here in Oregon.  Before you fall off your chair because you saw the world ‘China’, please understand that companies that brand their tables ‘MADE IN USA’ use lots of trade techniques and tricks to bring in their supplies and tables from ‘China’ and can do the final assembly at their location and brand it as ‘MADE IN USA’.  The point I am making is all of our tables are coming from the same source!


Take our #1 selling massage table the Aryah 30” Reiki Shiatsu Portable Massage Table.  This table currently sells for $249.95 shipped to your door!  It’s 3” of comfortable padding.  30” standard width.  Includes memory filled head cushion, head cradle and free carrying case.  Finally, 1 year warranty on all of our portable massage tables.  This table easily sells for above $500.00+ at other big box massage table companies. 


The market doesn’t lie.  Go and YOUTUBE and search BEST PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE and you will see we have 2 of the top videos on the top of the search bar!  Again, the market doesn’t lie.  Smart massage practitioners have put us at the top of YOUTUBE.


There are a lot of massage table reviews out there.  I took a side by side photo of our massage table and a big box massage company's table to show they came from the same manufacture in China.  DevLon NorthWest supplies massage, chiropractic, salon and spa products.  Call us at 503-908-1568 and we will answer any questions you have today! 

Vu N.

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    May 10, 2017

    Exactly. Earthlite has a factory in China to do OEM for them. The market doesn't lie. Glad to see DNW has become one of the leading brands in this industry. Cheer for you.

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      Vu N
      May 11, 2017

      Thanks Jason, We can only help out massage practitioners and entrepreneurs who want to save money. For the customers that want to spend more on other tables, we respect their decision. Vu 503-908-1568

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