Time Cuts Salon Clackamas Oregon

Time Cuts Salon Clackamas Oregon

There are a lot of hair salons near me so I decided to go outside my comfort zone today and randomly pick a salon near me.  TIME CUTS SALON CLACKAMAS OREGON came up 5 minutes away.  I immediately called and Susan was able to fit me in as long as I got there in the next 10 minutes.


As I arrived, I found parking on the side street.  Upon walking into Time Cuts Salon, I immediately felt comfortable inside.  Time Cuts Salon had a very old school look and feel to things.  Susan immediately had me sit on a very aged barber chair that looked old but felt super comfortable.  It was quite surprised by how solid the chair felt.  I just turned 36 so I told her that for my men’s haircut, I wanted her to surprise me with a 36 year old haircut. 


Susan immediately got to work.  She’s been cutting hair for 20+ years.  It was great how she made me feel super comfortable even though it was the first time we met.  She talked to me about how Clackamas has changed and some of the very interesting things she’s seen on her main street her salon is located on.  She was able to immediately point out my hair cowlicks and made extra sure to work slowly to see how my hair would respond.


During this entire period, she had a regular customer sitting under the hair dryer.  Another customer came in which she immediately greeted by name.  Finally, her 10:30 appointment came in who also seemed to be a regular.  Wow, I thought to myself!  I can see why she’s been in business for 20+ years.  Its about knowing your customers.  Knowing their stories.  Not just cutting their hair but finding out a bit about your customers so you will be able to talk about future topics once your customer comes back.   


I give Susan at Time Cuts Salon a two thumbs up!


Time Cuts Salon

15665 SE 82nd Dr

Clackamas, OR 97015


Susan Greene


Vu N.

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    Jul 29, 2017

    I rarely browse around the internet but ran across your incredibly kind words. Thank you so much. Please be sure to come back so you can be one of my long term clients.

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    Vu N.
    Sep 24, 2017

    Susan, each year thousands of students enter the salon field and hope to be where you are one day. I recommend these students book and appointment with you so they can see what it takes to make it one day ! Your journey is amazing! You control your destiny Susan! Vu N.

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