Oregon State Graduation 2017

Oregon State Graduation 2017

I recently had the chance to attend Oregon State’s 2017 Graduation.  I’ve been to a lot of family college graduations but for some reason this graduation really stood out to me. 


OSU awarded a record 7,097 degrees that day!  I couldn’t help but think about all the other universities here in Oregon and around the country that was playing out some form of their graduation that weekend or this month.  I quickly did a Google search and between 4-year institutions and 2-year institutions I have found about 4000+ universities out there.  Another quick Google search showed that on average, the United States produces about 2,800,000+ graduates per year.


2,800,000+ is a lot of dots on the map hitting the job force.  I personally think we have hit a tipping point where parents and their high school age children really need to sit down and make the best logical choice when it comes to pursuing their college degree.  Not only are college cost ballooning with no end in sight, the entire job market is shifting at a rate not seen before because of the disruption caused by the rise of the Internet.


I was attending specifically for my unnamed family friend who was graduating that day with his PHD!  I’m unsure if I want to label this 28-year-old a genius but I admire his singular focus on his educational path.  Since I have known him for about 8+ years I would classify him with one word.  Greatness.  Anytime our paths would cross, he would be going on about his future internship, his Master’s Thesis or his next future education path.  Even though he currently has a standing job offer where he ‘interned’ the last 2 summers, he has decided to test the open market.  With his job experience along with his educational experience, he has the ability to pick any top IT Controller jobs available!  Amazing! 


The point I would like to make is we definitely want our kids to be 100% happy with their future career path, but potentially incurring years of heavy debt after college and lots of job uncertainty in certain fields, it would be responsible to keep those factors in mind when the time comes to decide what one needs to do after High School!


Peace out and have a great weekend!


Vu N.

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