International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference IECSC Las Vegas 2017

International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference IECSC Las Vegas 2017

It finally happened!  I attended my first Las Vegas trade show within one of my categories that I sell in.  Here at DEVLON NORTHWEST we’ve grown our categories of massage, chiropractic, salon and spa since 2012.  It’s actually quite amazing that I’ve never attended a trade show within one of my industries.


It was great that my best friend John CEO of COMMERCIAL BARGAINS was able to attend the same show.  I was obviously there to see other equipment sellers like myself but quickly realize that my company killed it on price points all across the board.  I feel we offer the best prices because our company was born with in the ecommerce era.  One example is our FACIAL BED OFF WHITE HYDRAULIC GAS LIFT which we sell for $399.95 which includes free shipping and our excellent in house 1-year warranty.  I saw sellers at the show offering the same bed for double the price.  Ridiculous! 


What was interesting was of the 7-10 equipment sellers at the show, I did not recognize those companies on any ecommerce platforms which I operate on.  That means they somehow sell directly to the industry thus avoiding ‘fees’ one finds when working on ecommerce platforms.  Another explanation can also be these sellers use alternative names on ecommerce platforms in an attempt to hide who they are.  By doing this, they could keep up the price war on AMAZON while keeping their prices high within the industry directly from their website.


How would I describe IECSC?  It’s about making clients feel good.  This entire conference was attended by estheticians and cosmetologist who are currently doing their thing in their respective cities but took the journey to Vegas to see what they can add to their services for their customers.  I’m not really well versed in what is cutting edge within the spa field but felt a very positive upbeat vibe throughout my time at the conference.  It was amazing to see the excitement and the large crowds surrounding certain products.  I would have to say that Cosmetics Jordane had the best exhibit and largest crowd.


Do I plan to be an exhibitor in 2018?  I would say there is a big chance our entire team will be at IECSC 2018!  We are all selling the same equipment but I believe DevLon NorthWest is doing it better and we’re excited to show the industry what we got!  We’ve been grinding away since 2012 and believe we have what it takes to be a leader in supplying the spa field!

Vu N.

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