Criss Angel MINDFREAK Show

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Show

I had a chance to see Criss Angel MINDFREAK show about a month ago at Luxor Las Vegas.  It was a blast!  It was nuts!  If you think you’re going to see a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat, you are definitely mistaken!  The stuff you are going to see is going to make you think Criss Angel has a 6th sense.  Absolutely amazing!  Back in 2010 I saw his first show called Criss Angel BELIEVE.  Can’t believe how much he’s added in seven years.


My blog today isn’t about trying to promote his show.  He doesn’t need help with that.  His show was pretty packed the day I went!  Today … it’s about the journey!  Criss is 49 years old.  I’m sure most of us started catching him on Spike TV and on morning talk shows when he started doing some ridiculous acts in Time Square.


But, what you don’t see or hear is his journey.  Before you watch is live show in Vegas, his show plays a 5-10 minute video montage showing his start in magic at an early age and his overall journey leading up to his amazing run at Luxor Las Vegas which began in 2008.  Image at age 7 knowing what you wanted to be in life and doing everything in your waking moment to hone your craft to be the best you can be at it?!  He’s been on this path for 42 years of his life!  All we see is his 9-year run at Luxor!


Obviously Criss Angel is a once in a generation talent.  But, there are a lot of life lessons one can pick up from his journey.  Passion!  You need to find your passion.  Could be a future business.  Could be money.  Could be a car hobby.  You need a passion.  I’m lucky enough to have a few passions which my family supports.  My #1 passion since 2012 is DEVLON NORTHWEST COMPANY.  Sometimes, it feels like the last 6 years has been a slow grind to an uncertain future.  But then I realize, that is the wrong mindset.  If it took Criss Angel about 33 years from the age of 7 to the age of 40 to land him his show in Vegas, I can put that into perspective when it comes to my own current 6-year journey. 


Put your passion into perspective.  From what I’ve read, Criss Angel has gone all in since age 7.  All in means his entire life revolved around magic.  Suppose today he didn’t make it to the top and was doing local magic shows in New York and he wasn’t a national brand?  I’m 1000% sure he would say the journey was worth it.  That’s why passion is so great.  It’s about the journey along the way.  The growth, the mistakes, the luck!


I have my own company goals here at DEVLON NORTHWEST and have the rest of my life to achieve it.  If we don’t make it to the top, I guarantee I will be 1000% satisfied with the journey I’ve been on to get there.


Vu N.

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