Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

The infamous ‘Work Life Balance’ phrase!  Where do I begin?  I’m ready to put my official response out there.  I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘Work Life Balance’.  The definition of balance is ‘a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions’.  Pretty much means your work and your life needs to be in equal balance.  If you take 24 hours per day and begin to subtract out sleep times, commute times, work, and other misc things you might do throughout your day, you will find it is physically not possible to have a balance. 


For the working class entrepreneur like myself, I find myself obsessed with building DEVLON NORTHWEST.  I have realize through my own experiences that work life balance is just about making time.  Making time for yourself, for your family and ultimately for your job. (No particular order) Some are blessed to chase their passions through entrepreneurism; makes life way easier to wake up to once you can achieve this life path! 


You ultimately need to be happy with yourself for yourself.  If you are not happy, you are definitely not going to be able to push others around you up.  You won’t be able to lock in and maximize your time with your family.  I firmly believe that.  Teetering on the edge of growth here at DEVLON NORTHWEST really brings out the best of me but takes it’s toll on my family life when I come home mentally exhausted.  As of today, my family understands this is what makes me happy.  That can obviously change of course.  I can only control making time for my loved ones.  Making time for my very very few close friends.  On the topic of friends, I firmly believe in the cliche " You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With".  If we are hanging, you're bringing me up :)


I’m honestly just being real with myself.  I know there will be those who feel they are the best dad, best husband, best work life balancer.  When I look and see that 96% of business’ fail within 10 years, I think about my last 6 years and wonder will we be one of those 96% of business or will I personally be the 4% that breaks through.  If you want to take the plunge to be your own boss …. Start by being real with yourself. 


Vu N.  

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