Growing up my father worked the 3PM-12AM shift and most times worked 3PM-2AM because of over time.  On the weekends, I recall having to stay quiet so my father could catch up on his sleep.  With the economy roaring during the 90’s, my father sacrificed and went in on the weekends as well to get that ‘over time’ pay.  In high school I had a chance to play percussion in band and can probably count one time where he attended a concert of mine. 


But … my father was able to send all six of his kids through private elementary, middle and high school!  Granted I would say our family was one of the poorest financially, I really never felt that way since I generally grew up with all the same kids and grew up in a small city bubble.  You really don’t know any better.


My father’s ultimate sacrifice was time.  18 years zipped by and I left home to start my own journey.  Now at 36 years old, I’ve been away from home 18 years now and can now have the presence of mind to reflect.  Life moves amazingly quick on the macro-level but can feel slow on the micro-level.  My father sacrificed time to position all six of his kids to be successful in their own way. 


I am lucky I have a father who has the give, give, give mentality and not the take, take, take mentality.  My father’s birthday lands on Christmas Day.  Every year, I gift my father cash.  What does he do?  “Vu, I am going to take this and give it to your grandmother in Vietnam and say it is a gift from you”.  He just won’t take, take, take.  I’ve seen first hand fathers that even to their adult children demand payback!  


When both my parents arrived in the United States in 1979, they had zero dollars to their name.  Not one penny in their pocket.  Myself, being a small business owner means dealing with shit 20 times a day and always finding that silver lining daily.  But luckily for myself, my father’s journey has been permanently imprinted into my DNA.  I will not stop until I reach my full potential.  Looking forward to flying home soon to see what my dad is up to!


DEVLON NORTHWEST will continue to climb and will one day be recognized as a national leader in Massage, Chiropractic, Salon and Spa supplies.  In the mean time, we will sacrifice time and grind it out locally!  


Vu N.

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