Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

I attended my first ChannelAdvisor Conference here at Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club in Durham, NC.  Note to self, maybe wear something else beside a black V-neck when staying at Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club.  I like to refer to clients of that hotel as ‘old money’. 


We recently invested in ChannelAdvisor as an online software solution to help us attack and grow our ecommerce side of our operation.  The licensing fee per year cost more then your upgraded 2017 Honda Civic EX so it’s definitely a high priority to get acquainted with this software.  Since June, we have been able to double our ecommerce marketplaces from Amazon and eBay to now Walmart and Jet using ChannelAdvisor.  We are looking to be on 10+ ecommerce marketplaces in the next 12 months.


The one-day conference was absolutely nuts.  There was about 130+ people there representing 50+ companies that produced over 200 million in revenue last year that ran through ChannelAdvisor’s software.  Definitely humbling as a small business owner knowing my sales barely accounted for 1% of that 200 million.  The good news is I took enough notes and was surrounded by greatness during the conference that I feel I will be able to increase our ecommerce sales by 50% in 6 months starting this Monday October 9th.


You have to keep investing in yourself.  I know the moment I stop learning my company DevLon NorthWest will be dead.  Simple as that.  ChannelAdvisor is holding a 3-day bash called Catalyst 2018 in San Diego.  I am looking to send my entire team to this event.  If I can grow our sales by 50% in 6 months, image what my team is going to be able to do if they attend ChannelAdvisor’s 3-day bash CATALYST 2018


Side note on Duke University … being on campus for about 2 days, I could definitely feel how prestigious that school is.  Classy, old money, greatness would definitely be a few words to describe my immediately feelings on Duke University.  Meet a great young lady named Marcela who worked for a cellphone accessory supplier in FL.  Made the conference a blast to attend! 


Vu N.

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