Three Brothers And Two Sisters

Three Brothers And Two Sisters

I have three brothers and two sisters!  I didn’t know it when I was younger but now that I am older I am quite lucky to call them my siblings.  Myself being first generation American, there was a heavy emphasis on ‘school’ and ‘grades’ from our parents.  Imagine being the only sibling who brought home C’s at best while everyone else brought home A’s.  I mean, I had to take the ACT twice just to get into the University of Milwaukee.


Anyways, how does this blog relate to DEVLON NORTHWEST?  How does having three brothers and two sisters help with being a small business owner?  EVERYTHING!  Two physician assistants, one credit analysis, one accountant and one industrial designer.  I can say that I personally look up to all my siblings.  One dark secret with being self-employed is there are a lot of dark moments that only you the business owner can overcome.  You can’t go crying to your wife, you can’t ‘google’ what to do, you just have to make decisions and execute.


During my darkest moments, I think about what my siblings have to overcome to be where they are today.  They too are working towards their potential.  Because I am in the North-West and my siblings are in the Mid-West, I see them maybe twice a year at most.  It’s great to catch up.  What I love the most is a lot of things are left unspoken but are naturally understood.  Money, success and salaries are rarely brought up within my family.  I believe the reason is because we all naturally know inside we are doing our best with the tools we have to work with.  Luckily for myself, my siblings lead the way for me personally.  Their daily grind motivates me to continue my grind as well.


Some families I know talk mad trash about each other only to have dinner the following evening.  Quite odd in my opinion.  That’s the type of noise entrepreneurs need to avoid.


At the end of the day, we are all looking for that edge.  You could be working for your kids.  You could be hustling for money.  You might be doing it for your parents!  For myself, I’m trying to keep up with my siblings.  People ask me often about my brothers and sisters.  I always respond with “they are killer whales.”  Did you know killer whales aren’t whales?  They are actually dolphins.  Cute on the outside but will take down a great white shark when needed.


Side note, currently it takes a team of six including myself to keep the DEVLON NORTHWEST machine going and growing.

Vu N.

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