I Am Trying To Gain 5 LBS

I Am Trying To Gain 5 LBS

I’m looking to make a change.  I set an impossible goal for my team recently.  I demanded a 100% increase in our sales in 2018!  For all you math geniuses out there, we are doubling our sales for 2018.  That is my #1 goal!  You might be looking at your calendar right now and wonder why I’m talking about this in October of 2017?  I’m not just talking about it, I’m implementing major changes right now to make sure I put myself in a position to win!


Procrastination!  There is a little bit of procrastination in all of us.  Some more than others.  When I’m trying to move my own mountains, I’ve realized I must create massive action to get any small positive momentum.  I am currently laying the foundation across our entire company so we don’t leave anything to chance once 2018 ends.  Pure WILL is needed for this goal to be accomplished!  


Noise!  I honestly believe the #1 threat to any positive momentum is noise.  Noise from people who you surround yourself with.  Could be family, could be friends, it could also be your own team.  I recently took a major step in my evolution by cutting out a lot of noise in my life.  On your journey to reach your full potential, the people closest to you will be most affected.  They will have all their memories of the “old” you but can’t fathom or comprehend the new you.  Someone recently told me I needed to accept the dark clouds around me or ‘find’ a new family.  I was taken aback.  You might convince your weak significant other of that nonsense but I’ll just rise above those dark clouds.  Keep that noise away from me. 


Reflecting!!! I believe I am just trying to bring myself up.  Am I bringing the best out of the people around me?  Am I contributing to the noise?  Reflecting back on the last few years, I can admit that I haven’t brought the best out of the people I socialize with.  I can admit that.  But I have to ask, have the people around me brought the best out of me?  Deep huh? 


Health!  I am trying to gain 5 lbs.  I’ve been in the 147-149 lbs range the last 10 years of my life.  Before even thinking about doubling my sales by the end of 2018, I need to add 5 healthy pounds in the next two weeks.  My entire work team is excited to see if I can raise 5 healthy pounds by November 1st!  Pure WILL

Vu N.

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