I am selling my house!  15130 SE GLADSTONE ST, PORTLAND, OR 97236  I am going to take the profits and pour it into DevLon NorthWest!  I will massively expand our SALON selection with the profits! 


Having crossed the six-year mark at DevLon NorthWest feels like any normal day except we have done something a lot of small business’ have not.  We have survived for six years!  Obviously, this is not the time to pat ourselves on the back since my chosen field is moving very fast and if we don’t keep up and excel, we can disappear overnight. 


Since we are inventory based in massage, chiropractic, salon and spa field, I remember back in 2012 betting the entire company over and over in an attempt to build my inventory.  It takes a lot of mental fortitude to clear out the bank accounts, wire massive amounts of cash to our manufacturers and wait 3+ months for my inventory to arrive via container.  Not an easy proposition for anyone to make. 


Selling a hard asset like a house and pouring the profits into your business which is invisible is a hard pill to swallow for anyone.  I know finance, savings, 401k and real estate are very touchy topics.  I put those topics almost on the level of religion.  Everyone has their own opinion so I try not to convince anyone of my philosophy.  What I will preach is what I do and how I think at this exact moment in my life.    


I’m in growth mode mentally.  DevLon NorthWest has increased sales by 50% in the last month.  I CHANGED MY THINKING AND THAT CHANGED MY LIFE.  I could have sat on this home and maybe in 28 years I would own it outright.  Seems like a safe option.  The problem is DevLon NorthWest is in growth mode now.  We aren’t waiting 28 years for a paid off house to help my business now!  I could go on and on about business philosophy but I won’t.  What I will do is ask myself one question right now.  What I do today, will it allow me to do anything I want the second I wake up Monday morning?


Follow my next blog for the answer…..


Vu N.


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