How To Be A Great Mom

How To Be A Great Mom

So I grew up with one big advantage that has set me on my path, my journey I like to call ‘Living The Dream.’  My mother brained washed me to be the man I am today.  Let me explain!!!!  Like most mothers, getting good grades was her top priority for her kids.  When my report cards started to roll in, I recall my grades started off at Bs and Cs and eventually averaging down to Cs and Ds.  I would say it was very tough on my mother to understand why this was occurring since my older siblings set the academic bar high for the younger siblings to follow.  Lots of time at the kitchen table with my homework, private tutors with nuns, consistent pressure to focus on my grades all did not matter.  Also the pressure of being sent to private Catholic schools from K-12 easily cancels out excuses of not going to a good school growing up.


From my earliest memories, my mother would take the time to speak to me about my potential.  And talk to me about the gifts I possessed that did not show up in an academic form.  Positive reinforcement was 100% key to what has shaped my can-do mindset today.  Being HONEST and EMPATHIC are the top two building blocks that have allowed me to build DevLon NorthWest the past 6 years!  Hopefully DevLon NorthWest will make it :)  Honesty and empathy 100% came from my mother.


Most nights, I take the time to go over my 5-year-old son’s homework with him.  While he’s pushing through with his letters and doing his best with his numbers, I have one singular thought that goes through my mind.  All the learning that is going to take place from K-12, experiences he’ll gain if he decides to attend college…. I hope he’ll be able to wake up one day and do what he wants to do every morning.  It’s as simple as that. 


I don’t want him to become a doctor, I don’t want him to go into the IT field!  I just want him to do what he wants to do every morning for the rest of his life.  Only he can decide what that will be.  I feel there is a lot of insecurities when it comes to raising kids.  There’s an undo amount of pressure us parents put on our kids because of our own insecurities about ourselves.  I will not fall for that bullshit trap as a father.  I will not force my kids down any path.  I will double down on my son’s strengths and through sheer love… push honestly and empathy!


How to be a great mom?  I honestly don’t know since I’m a father.  I can only speak about my own mother who I represent when I walk out the front door every day.  She believed in.  Even with six total kids, through her actions, she made me feel special which has put me on my path of ‘Living The Dream’.  My own dream!  It’s as simple as that.  Because of my mother, I am able to wake up every morning and do what makes me happy.  


To everyone reading this article.  These are just my own opinions.  I honestly don’t know shit about being a mother.  I just only know about being myself!  I do look forward to flying home in two weeks and spending time with my mom!  I will have her iPhone X which will be her late birthday gift!  Follow me if you want to know more…






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