Small Business Owner Working Weekends

Small Business Owner Working Weekends

Just like my post states, I'm here at 10:14AM on Saturday.  Starting your own business is something I will always support.  But having a few business ideas is just the start.  

You might have heard about having a 9-5 job.  Get ready to have a 95 hours/week job.  You might start to calculate in your mind how 95 hours/week works out?  Not only do you have to put in hours at your small business during the work day but hours at home and the weekends.  Am I promoting no family time?  No hobbies?  No sports?  I definitely promote family  time with your SO and your children.  I promote family obligations.  But you will need to CUT OUT browsing your IPHONE for the latest up-to-date news.  You will need to stop lounging on your couch watching NFL on Sundays.  I think you are beginning to catch my drift.  Outside of your family, your business now takes over your entire life.

Even with this small business advice that I am giving, even working 95 hours/week, there is a 95% chance your small business will not make it past 1 year.  That's just the reality of running a small business.  Don't be fooled when you see on the news all those big companies and their headlines!  UBERFACEBOOKAMAZON  I believe the US is made up of small business owners that grind it out daily but definitely don't get any type of media attention.

DevLon NorthWest is about to enter it's 6th year.  Wow.  I need to run now and get back to work.  Stay tuned....

As you can see ... I'm the only one in the parking lot.

Vu N.

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