While you look for massage supplies near you or wanting to buy more salon supplies, it’s important to use your business credit card wisely. Our industry that we belong to is about health and healing, still you need to get your credit card points healthy as well!

There are so many credit card tips out there on how to get a credit card, tricks and blah blah blah! Today I’m gonna talk about what no one is talking about…. How to use your cards strategically.

I remember going to a conference called 10X held by Grant Cardone. Worth it by the way. During that time, I was able to use five different credit cards to maximize my points on this business trip. Before I begin, please make sure you need to know you need to pay off your account balances every month or the interest you might pay is not going to be worth it. You can not be interest on any of your credit cards or none of this will work or matter.  So stop reading and work on paying off your account balances.

To start, I committed to going to this conference months in advance. The conference costed $900ish way in the nose bleed section. How am I going to get the most points. I decided to use my American Express Business Plus. The Business Plus card allows you to get 2X the points on any transaction up to $50,000 per year.  There’s a chance every year you can get up to 100,000 points per year if you use this card correctly. So that is what I booked this on.  When I was driving to the airport, my gas was running low so I decided to use my Chase Freedom card. The Chase Freedom card comes out quarterly with 5X the points categories. So I decided to use this card during this quarter because ‘gas’ was the bonus category for that quarter.

If you like what you are hearing so far, go ahead and watch my credit card video below where I show you how I maximize my points on my remaining cards I brought to Las Vegas.

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