750W Deluxe Steamer Frequency Tool Magnifying Glass 3 in 1

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You are buying one new in box deluxe steamer, facial tool and magnifying 3 in 1 machine.


Our 3 in 1 machine smashes the competition with it’s sleek and all in one durable design. What do you get?


Our adjustable facial steamer with UV lamp is powered by 750W using USA ONLY spec 120V; from a cold start it takes about 15 minutes before steam comes to life! Working about 11”-14” away from your client and about 95 degrees – 104 degrees temperature, you will have total control over your entire session. Our 60-minute off timer helps you automate when this machine shuts off. Finally, easy access to refill unit with distilled water only!


Our adjustable-arm magnifying lamp is powered by 48W using USA ONLY spec 120V; with 5x magnifying power you will definitely be able to pinpoint service areas on your client.


Finally our high tech HIGH FREQUENCY tool comes with 3 electrodes which will help in the treatment of skin issues for your client. Our HIGH FREQUENCY is easily controlled using our power control feature which allows you to pinpoint the exact output you need to work your magic.


Our 3 in 1 machine has a super sturdy 5-wheel base that will let you easily roll it around your area. Includes all tools to setup and install until. We also include 2 additional fuses for your added long term protection.




3 in 1 Height: 32” – 44”

3 in 1 Base: 28”

Magnifying Unit: 9” x 2”

Model: 3 in 1


We are becoming the #1 seller of massage, salon, nail & spa products here in Portland, Oregon and the North West! How is that possible? We deliver the best quality at the most competitive prices available. Plus we are bringing back 60’s customer service. 60’s customer service means we pick up the phone when you call!


1-year warranty against manufactures defects!


Retails for $499.00 on other websites before shipping!



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