Mini UV Towel Warmer

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You are looking at a brand new mini towel sterilizer.

 This electric beauty professional product is at the top of the line with 200W of power. It is equipped with an easy on and off switch for the warmer and the sterilizing UV light.

Working temperature is approximately 175°F. For hygienic uses, this high temperature makes our product the best mini towel UV warmer on the market!


The dimensions on the exterior are 10 x 8 ½ x 12 in.

The interior dimensions are 7 ½ x 6 x 7 in.

The interior size has a volume of 5L, which can hold up to 10 facial towels or 4 hand towels based on the thread count.


The power cord is nearly 6 ft. long which makes the mini towel warmer great for commercial or home use.

The unit is quick to heat up and can be used to sterilize towels and various salon tools, handheld equipment or supplies because it comes with a removable aluminum tray inside. The removable tray and excess water collector makes the product low maintenance because it is easy to clean.


When using the sterilizer for towels, simply plug into the wall, flip both UV and Power switches on, then place a damp towel on the tray and close the door. In just a few minutes your towels will be nice and toasty and ready to use.

After use, make sure to turn off both switches and remove wet towels to prevent bacteria buildup. 

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