Medical Curtains With Track 10' W x 9.3' H Light Green

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You are buying one new in box 10’ W x 9.3’ H light green medical curtain with flexible track!

DevLon NorthWest’s privacy medical curtains come with everything you need to divide and conquer your space in minutes. The track system is easy to install and we have a helpful YouTube video to walk you through the easy installation process if you need help. DevLon NorthWest’s polyester fabric complies with NFPA 701 fire code. What this means is it meets all local, state and federal codes meaning the flame-resistant properties cannot be washed out our removed from curtains.

DevLon NorthWest’s easy install track system allows you to mount against your wall or from your ceiling. All Accessories Included! Our medical curtain GSM weight is rated at 290. What that means is it is very thick providing a lot of privacy. The curtain alone weighs 6lbs. The mesh located on top is about 24” in height. The mesh opening is located very high thus allowing proper airflow, helping maintain privacy and reducing light. We also have different color options such as light blue, light green and light brown and beige. Curtain color might vary slightly depending on your computer monitor.

About this product

*Curtain Width: 10 ft
*Curtain Height: 9.3 ft
*Curtain Weight: 6lbs
*Curtain GSM: 290
*Curtain Color: Light Green
*Model: 10 ft W x 9.3 ft H Light Green


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