Amber Eye Dropper Bottles Glass 15ml 50 Pack

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You are buying one Box of 50 Amber 15ml Glass Bottles with a White Eye Dropper!

These high-quality Amber glass bottles have white polypropylene droplet caps and a straight glass pipette. They are perfect for creating essential oil blends at home, storing food products, herbal tinctures, and medicine. When taking perfumes or colognes traveling, the bottle will easily fit in a carry-on bag. Ideal for transferring small quantities of liquid for personal or commercial use. Rubber white twist cap that provides a secure and leak free seal.


Box quantity: 50 bottles
Individual Item Capacity: 15ml

Advance your Natural Home Remedies: Whether you use Sacred Earth, DoTerra, or Young Living essential oils, DevLon NorthWest’s dropper bottles are a great size for mixing essential oils of your choice and a carrier oil for quick application.

Get crafty: The empty 15 ml amber glass essential oil blend bottles make an easy DIY project by adding essential oils and a carrier oil for aromatherapy.


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