2 in 1 Diamond Crystal Microdermabrasion

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You are buying one new in box 2 in 1 diamond crystal microdermabrasion machine.


Crystal microdermabrasion is an ablative procedure defined as the wearing away and removal of the outer surface of an object by means of friction. Crystal microdermabrasion treatments involve the use of a special hand-held device that propels a high-speed flow of aluminum oxide crystals that are blasted out onto the skin. At the same time, the machines vacuum sucks away used crystals and dead sells.


Diamond Microdermabrasion is an abrasive procedure defined as the wearing away or removal of the outer surface of an object by sanding or scratching. Diamond microdermabrasion treatments are completed by the use of a diamond tipped wand that is then used to scratch away the top level of the dermis while the machines vacuum system sucks away dead cells.


While both have the ability to produce the same results, it should be noted that crystal microdermabrasion treatments are much more dependent on the technology used by the operator who is dependent on the force of the crystal flow as well as the strength of the suction. Diamond treatments on the other hand are more dependent on the operator who is more in control of the treatment through the use of manual pressure techniques along with the strength of the suction.




USA Spec only


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1-year warranty against manufactures defects!


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