UV Towel Warmer Cabinet Double Door 35 Liter

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You are buying one new in box 35 liter double door UV hot towel warmer cabinet!


Our hot towel cabinet has a capacity of 35 spa hand towels. Once plugged in our unit maintains an average temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit that allows a comfortable warm feel to each towel. Comes with a condensation collector tray to remove any excess moisture. It is perfect for your salon or spa. Large capacity bin will hold manicure size towels or regular facial towels.


Our double door feature is great because with the UV function only featured on the top cabinet while the heat function is located on the bottom cabinet.


To use correctly, please wet towels ahead of time before placing the towel into the machine for the day. Your daily routine can include removing unused towels at night and repeating process again the next morning.


To save on the life of the UV light, the UV light will automatically turn off once you open door.





Keeps towels warm at 160 degrees

Put towels in wet or dry

Drip tray

Rust proof interior

Silicone door seal

Quiet operation

120V USA


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1-year warranty against manufactures defects!


Retails for $289.90 on other websites before shipping!



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