Hot Stone Massage Kit 60 PC

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You are buying one new in box hot stone massage kit 60 PC!

This 60 PC hot stone massage set is one of the most complete hot stone massage sets available anywhere! It includes three extra large ovular stones suitable for facial massage, four small ovular marble stones and seven Chakra bonus stones. You will not be able to find so much variety of stones as well as types and sizes in other competitors’ sets. By using this complete stone set you will be able to provide your client with an excellent one-hour massage. The natural bamboo box is handmade to provide an efficient storage place for your stones.


3 Extra Large Flat Ovular Basalt Stones
6 Large Flat Ovular Basalt Stones
10 Medium Flat Ovular Basalt Stones
6 Small Flat Ovular Basalt Stones
8 Small Round Bed Beater/Back Layout
8 Toes
6 Small Circular Facial Basalt Stones
4 Small Ovular White Marble Stones (Cold Therapy)
2 Miniature Pressure Point Basalt/Deep Tissues
7 Chakra Stones

Packed within a bamboo box and display box.


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