Hot Stone Massage 6 PC

New product


You are buying one new in box 6 PC flat circular basalt stone set!


The flat circular basalt stones are more suitable for a softer, relaxing massage as they have larger surface area, which as a result can transfer a larger amount of heat to the body through the fluid motions of the therapist.


Hard to find model!!!


Large flat circular basalt stones are popularly used for hot massage treatments on client’s backside or thigh after heating the stones to 45 degrees.  Or they can also be used at 45 degrees under client’s shoulder blade as they lie on their back during a warm massage.




Large Circular Basalt Stone Size 3.5”x3.5”x1.25”


We carry the best basalt hot rock stone sets here in the NorthWest!  Trust a professional!


1-year warranty against manufactures defects!


Retails for $79.00 on other websites before shipping!



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