Heated Stone Therapy Warmer

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DevLon NorthWest’s massage hot stone warmer with digital design allows the operator with the hot stone certification to have full control of the temperature through the entire duration of use and after the hot stone treatment.  Our hot stone equipment heats stones fast and accurately with a range of 55-99 degrees Celsius (127.4-210.1 degrees Fahrenheit). The massage hot stone heater has a removable pan for ease of cleaning hot stones for manicures, hot stone pedicures, facials or massages. When you buy this high efficiency portable heater you will receive a spoon to remove your stones from the water without making a mess.



Exterior: 13.5”x11”x8”

Interior: 11.5”x9.5”x4”

Capacity: 7.5L

Power: 600W


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