Hard Wax Beans Yellow Honey Scent 400g/Jar 24 Pack

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You are buying 24 new in box Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal Pearl Beads Women Men Self Waxing Beans!

Hard Wax Beans for Hair Removal Pearl Beads for Women and Men Self Waxing. Hard Wax for hair removal no strips necessary. You can pull off the wax by hand after the wax has cooled on the skin and becomes hard. It is more efficient at pulling the hairs and not the skin. Optimal consistent temperature of the wax should be at 107.5 degrees F. If it is lower than this then it will not remove the hair.

Enhances the cost-effective value of wax procedures. DevLon NorthWest’s Hard Wax Beans can make your salon or DIY home hair removal a quick and easy process.

Easy to apply.
Easy to remove.
Made with natural ingredients that are safe for your skin.
Non-toxic and no harmful chemicals are used to make this product.
Ideal for all types of skin and hair. Safely applicable to the arms, armpit, bikini area, face, legs, beard, and any other area with persistent hair development.
Easy to seal lid so the wax doesn’t lose its potency or scent.


Scent: Honey
Amount: 24 lbs
Quantity: 14 Pack


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